Social Networks? Networking was always social

The other day I mentioned that Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People contains some pretty good tips for those of us using social networks both personally and for business.

How about this particular bit of Carnegie advice:

Become genuinely interested in other people

Few of us are drawn to people who just spout their own opinion and never listen.


The lesson for writing on social networks?

So – it’s obvious – don’t use social networks like a megaphone, instead use them like a telephone.

Keep in mind the typical person you’re talking to. This is an old trick from my radio days; presenters are always told to talk to one person and to visualise what that person is like.

When writing on social networks, talk as you would to a close friend (or to someone you’d like to become a close friend). That way you’ll use the right language.

Dale Carnegie recommended that you become ‘genuinely interested’ in other people. We all like people who are interested in us and ‘on our wavelength’ (okay, okay, that’s enough of the radio analogies…)

So think about their needs and interests; genuinely care about them!

Don’t approach this as an exercise in manipulating people… Just be genuinely interested, and good things will follow.

It’s even truer, when responding to messages and comments from others about your business. Take a genuine interest in that person’s point of view.  Ask them about their experience and try to see it from their perspective.

I’d be interested in hearing what you think (really!) – So let me know.


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