YouTube videos for business – 5 Top Tips

YouTube for Business - still image

Here are five quick tips to help get your business videos video liked and shared on YouTube etc.. Here’s a great video which encapsulates the tips I’m going to outline. There is no way you can predict “viral” but this video had four key elements going for it. The video was high quality – the […]

Should you switch to a new.UK domain?

.uk domain

Nominet, the people who control UK internet domains, plan to launch a new shorter “.UK” domain extension. The new shorter extension will read as “” as an alternative to the existing “CO.UK” extension. So should you grab yours? It’s still early days but here’s the information you need. When do .UK domains launch? Nominet have […]

Don’t fake it – you’ll get caught


Reading a recent story about how researchers broke into a normally secure firm, I was reminded of the dangers of faking it online. The researchers created a fictitious, attractive, female persona and got access to secure areas of a normally security conscious company with a little hacking. Want another example that doesn’t involve hacking? In April, […]

Get your business listed on Bing

Bing logo

Announced on  October 9th 2013: “Bing Places is Now Available in the United Kingdom and Canada”. You might ask; what took them so long? I’ll skip that, and instead explain what you need to do to get your business listed. Bing Places is free, and it only takes a few steps to get on there […]