Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

The most common form of Pay Per Click Advertising is Google Adwords, but there are other options available.

Online advertising can be targeted precisely, with the performance of the campaign adjusted as you go.  With careful use of website analytics you can find out what works best and do it more!

Aimiable Consulting will help you:

  • Choose the right solution
  • Target the most suitable keywords
  • Write winning ad-copy
  • Manage your Pay Per Click advertising campaigns
  • Monitor performance and minimise your cost per click
Not only that…  we can also recommend ways to make your ‘landing pages’ more effective. If the site doesn’t get convince them to buy, click, book, comment, etc., you’ve wasted your time, and money.


* PPC – free gift!

When we’re working together, and you set up your new Google Adwords account, we’ll give you £75 in vouchers. You just deposit £25 and you have your first £100 campaign.

  • Coupons are for new Google Adwords (Pay Per Click Advertising) clients only, with accounts 14 days old or less;
  • Coupons may only be used for accounts in UK or Ireland;
  • One coupon per client only, subject to Google terms and conditions