SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Get more visitors to your website, reach your goals and make more money.

What’s it all about?

Search engines keep their users happy by giving them results that are useful, relevant and popular.

Google tells Webmasters to make websites for users and not search engines. It’s good advice!

There are many factors that determine where a website will appear in search engine results:

  • The number of sites linking to it.
  • The visible, and machine-readable, content of the pages.
  • The uniqueness of the content
  • The freshness of the content.
  • Page titles and descriptions
  • The number of people who click each result, etc., etc..

 The Search Engine Optimisation Process

 The 6 stages of Search Engine Optimisation


For more details of each stage – download our Introduction to SEO (pdf).

We’re local, based in Solihull in the West Midlands, but we work with clients all over the country.

If you’d like to have a chat about your specific goals – just get in touch.


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