Facebook Page Branding – Like An Expert

Aimiable’s tips for great Facebook Page Branding Until Facebook introduce Timelines to Pages*, it can be tricky to brand a Facebook Page. Here’s a video showing examples of good Facebook Page branding, and why they’ve succeeded where others fail. Also – see Aimiable’s killer tip for making sure photostrip thumbnails come out exactly the way […]

Facebook Pages – Get ride of bad Thumbnails once and for all

Why does Facebook mess up your photos? Why does the thumbnail of a great photo, turn out to be the least interesting part of the shot? How can I avoid my Facebook Pages looking like I don’t know what I’m doing?! Facebook won’t let you choose which part of a photo is used for a […]

Social Media Marketing – Free on Facebook

Facebook has announced that UK small businesses will be able to claim up to £80 worth of free advertising with them. Exactly how you go about claiming this freebie is yet to be revealed.  I imagine it’s similar to the way companies like Aimiable can offer a voucher for £50 to people who are setting […]

Facebook Pages – Watch Them Carefully

If you let everyone post on your Facebook page, keep a close eye on it. That ought to be a golden rule. Right? The BBC’s official Apprentice page on Facebook is a good example of what can go wrong if you don’t. The TV series was months ago, and I bet it’s no one’s job […]