Google Reader? Use Hootsuite instead

If you’re like me you’ve probably tried a few alternatives to Google Reader, now it’s gone*. Here’s a method for using Hootsuite (free for up to 5 social media properties) which lets you discover great content and share it right within the same web page. I put together some simple instructions in a Prezi. When […]

SEO for beginners – Google’s Advice

I speak to a lot of people who’d really benefit from some initial understanding of Search Engine Optmisation. If only there was a simple guide!  Well  – I made a simple one. But if you really want to hear it from the experts at Google – you can. They have written a first steps cheat sheet, a […]

Build quality sites to rank better on Google

Google wants to send searchers to good quality sites. So what’s a good site in Google’s eyes? Here’s some advice they gave last year – which still stands. I’ll paraphrase it – because Google hates copying… The bottom line is that to rank better on Google, you need to write articles that people want to […]

Communication Skills – First be a good listener

Have communication skills changed in the digital age? The underlying principles are the same, the way we apply them has moved on… Last week I mentioned Dale Carnegie’s book How To Win Friends and Influence People. It contains some solid advice about how to approach social media. That book was mostly about communication skills, of […]


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