Google Reader? Use Hootsuite instead

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If you’re like me you’ve probably tried a few alternatives to Google Reader, now it’s gone*. Here’s a method for using Hootsuite (free for up to 5 social media properties) which lets you discover great content and share it right within the same web page. I put together some simple instructions in a Prezi. When […]

Social Networks? Networking was always social

The other day I mentioned that Dale Carnegie‚Äôs book How to Win Friends and Influence People contains some pretty good tips for those of us using social networks both personally and for business. How about this particular bit of Carnegie advice: Become genuinely interested in other people Few of us are drawn to people who […]

Social Media Changes are Good For You

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How removing a feature might be an improvement This post was updated on Saturday 21st January 2012 LinkedIn today said what social media companies sometimes do: We’re removing a feature you use. It’s for your own good. Here’s the text of the email. At LinkedIn, we want to provide a simple and efficient experience for […]