Don’t fake it – you’ll get caught

Reading a recent story about how researchers broke into a normally secure firm, I was reminded of the dangers of faking it online. The researchers created a fictitious, attractive, female persona and got access to secure areas of a normally security conscious company with a little hacking. Want another example that doesn’t involve hacking? In April, […]

Get your business listed on Bing

Announced on  October 9th 2013: “Bing Places is Now Available in the United Kingdom and Canada”. You might ask; what took them so long? I’ll skip that, and instead explain what you need to do to get your business listed. Bing Places is free, and it only takes a few steps to get on there […]

Google Reader? Use Hootsuite instead

If you’re like me you’ve probably tried a few alternatives to Google Reader, now it’s gone*. Here’s a method for using Hootsuite (free for up to 5 social media properties) which lets you discover great content and share it right within the same web page. I put together some simple instructions in a Prezi. When […]

Controversial businesses – take care on Twitter

A cautionary tale Holland And Barrett’s #AskOurOwls Twitter promotion. It started like this: Have you got a question about our products? #AskOurOwls and if we can’t help, you’ll get 20% off in store! T&Cs apply — Holland & Barrett (@holland_barrett) June 6, 2013 Unfortunately (for the company) there are a lot of people who […]


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